How To Use Beard Oil: Complete Guide

By Jean Alfonso / April 3, 2019
How To Use Beard Oil

Your face is what gives people their first impression of you, so we going to loo at how to use beard oil. A nice-looking face can make people think of you positively. This is why you’ll want to take good care of your face if you tend to meet with a lot of people, whether for business or entertainment. However, it is not easy to take care of your face.

Skincare, hair care, and beard care all go hand in hand, so lets take a look at each of these.


Taking Care of Your Skin

First of all, learn to clean your face regularly. When dirt and grime accumulate on your skin, they can cause pimples and acne. This is especially so when the natural oils build up in your pores.

For cleaning, soap and water is not going to be enough. You’ll want a deep cleanser that removes the mess from your pores. Additionally, soap tends to dry out your skin if used too much. Look for a cleaner with natural ingredients so that you would be able to use it regularly.

There are two positions on the spectrum of where your skin can be: dry or oily. Everyone is somewhere in between the two, with varying levels of oil or dryness. If your skin is predominantly dry, you’ll want a cleanser that moisturizes. If your skin is mostly oily, then you’ll want a cleanser that handles all that oil.

Remember to wash your face once a day. Use cold water since hot water dries out your skin faster. When you are done washing, pat your face dry instead of rubbing, since vigorous rubbing will loosen your skin.

Every few days, you will want to do some exfoliating. Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of the dead skin cells and dirt on the surface of your face. When it’s done, you usually have a new layer of skin to show the world, which is fresher and brighter.

To properly exfoliate, you will need an exfoliating scrub. These are available at many skincare stores. To exfoliate, just rub the scrub in a gentle circular motion on the area you’re exfoliating. Rinse afterward.

Exfoliation softens the skin and hairs on it so it is ideal to do so before you take a shave.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Besides your skin, the other most prominent part of your face is your hair. Depending on your hairstyle, you may want to develop a few hair care habits to ensure your overall look is great.

First of all, find a good shampoo and conditioner. A lot of men just settle for the shampoo, but a conditioner is essential in providing essential nutrients to your hair while also making them softer. Besides that, a good mix of both makes your hair healthier and more lustrous.

Second, remember to tone down on the hot showers. These may feel great and relaxing, but hot water strips away a lot of the natural oils in your hair. Lukewarm water is good enough for most showers.

Third, learn to dry your hair with a patdown. A lot of people have developed the habit of drying their hair with a vigorous rubdown. However, doing so after a shower only encourages hair to fall out or to break. Be gentle with your hair.

If you want to properly dry your hair, it’s best to remove the excess water first. Then you should stroke your hair with a towel. This dries the hair without causing undue stress to it. This takes longer to dry, but you’ll soon notice that your hair is a lot more fuller and lusher.

Remember to wait for your hair to dry before brushing. Wet hair is very fragile. If you want to style your hair properly, be patient and wait a few minutes before you comb your hair.

Finally, you should massage your scalp. The scalp is where the roots of your hair are. Massage your scalp once a week in a slow circular motion. Do this for three to four minutes. This will encourage hair growth and improve natural oil production.

How To Use Beard Oil - Taking Care of Your Beard

The hair on your head is not the only hair on your face. Facial hair in the form of a beard is also important to maintain. There are several things you can do to maintain your beard if you have one.

The first one is pretty much to regularly trim it. Trimming your beard ensures that it won’t be a mess. If you leave a beard alone, it will just grow and grow. This looks untidy on your face so trimming your beard to have a defined cheek and neck line makes your face look a bit more cleaner.

The second thing to do to your beard is to apply beard oil. Beard oil is an essential component in maintaining your beard. This is because it both cleanses and moisturizes your facial hair. The result is a beard that is often a lot shinier and healthier-looking after its application.

It is easy enough to know how to use beard oil. Application is like a lotion: put some on your hands and then massage the substance in your beard. Do so daily, right after your bath for best results.

Besides helping with your facial hair, beard oils can help with the skin underneath, too. The oils seep in to the pores and keep them from going dry. A lot of these oils also smell good, giving your face a good natural scent.

Why Use Beard Oil

Your body grows around 25,000 individual facial hairs every 24 hours. That should be reason enough to give on why you should use beard oil. The large amount of facial hair that is grown on your face can cause problems for you. There are three main problems that men with beards face. Here is a brief outline of the three of them and how they can be approached properly.

1. Itchy Beards

The very first problem is also one of the earliest problems that bearded people encounter: itchy beards. This is because in the first two weeks of growing a new beard, your skin will be very irritated. This will lead to itchiness.

The itchiness is caused by the fact that as the new hair grows out, they cut into your skin. It can result in thousands of tiny micro-scratches. It doesn’t hurt, but the damage irritates the skin a lot. Another reason for the itch is dead skin cells. They stick to the growing hair and they end up rubbing against the new skin cells causing a lot of irritation.

There is one simple solution to this at the beginning of your growing period: regular cleaning. Rinse off your skin with cool or lukewarm water so that any dead skin cells are removed. Afterward, you’ll want to apply beard oil to prevent future reoccurence. A good beard oil would be able to soften the skin and lessen irritation.

Take note though that you should not just slap on beard oil. Too much of a good thing can be bad and this is obvious in beard oil usage. Apply too much and you will end up irritating your skin. Beard oil is a good way to ease irritation but if its new to your skin, you’ll need to acclimate your skin to it. To do this, start off with three to four drops in the first month and raise amount of drops by one very month. At the end of the year, you should be using 12 drops every time and that should be your maximum.

2. Dry Beards

Another problem that comes up often is dry beards. This usually results in wiry-looking unattractive beards. The dryness also ends up causing flaking. If you think flaky dandruff is bad when it comes from the top of your heard, just imagine it coming from your beard.

There are several things that can be the cause for your dry beard. First, it could be the hot temperature or the humidity. Environmental factors can affect your beard’s state easily. Dirt can also cause dryness. A lot of the dryness of your beard is negated by your body’s production of natural oil. If dirt clogs your pores or removes that coating of natural oil, your beard hair is more susceptible.

Overuse of cleaning products can also cause a dry beard. For example, if you shampoo your beard everyday or use soap on it, then the natural oil protection around it dissolves. Without this protective layer, your hair dehydrates easily.

Fortunately, it is easy enough to restore the natural moisture of your beard. The key here is to moisturize. There are dozens of moisturizers on the market right now. However, you’ll want a product that is targeted specifically at beards. That’s exactly where beard oils come in.

Some beard oils moisturize as they apply the oil coating over your beard. Just drip a few drops and liberally apply it across your beard. You will see results immediately. Your dry beard will feel a whole lot different. Additionally, your skin underneath your beard will feel a bit more refreshed.

This is thanks to the various oil ingredients used in beard oils. They enter the pores of your skin and rejuvenate it. It also has the nutrients that your facial hair needs to become stronger and lusher. With regular application, the dryness will slowly go away.

Don’t just limit yourself to beard oils. Avoid bad habits like washing your beard with soap or shampoo. Only use mild conditioners to further improve your facial hair.

Additionally, avoid playing with your beard or stroking it. Constant contact strips it of the natural oil layer, transferring the oil to your fingers. Get rid of that habit to further protect your beard.

3. Patchy Beards

Finally, there are the patchy beards. Patchy beards are the result of one of two things. First, you made a mistake when trimming. It could range from sneezing at the wrong time or being too enthusiastic with the trimmer. The other reason for it is genetics. This is because different parts of your face may have different hair growing times. Some might grow hair slower, some faster.

Patchy beards are a rather difficult problem. You can try applying beard oil directly to these areas in hopes of boosting the growth in these areas. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath. You’re going to need more help than that.

One of the potential solutions to patchy areas is styling. Just comb over the area so that it is covered by more facial hair. Constant brushing and combing also helps by encouraging growth and changing the direction of growth. If your patchy beard was caused by a trimming accident, you can take up a razor and scissors to try to even things out.

You can also improve your diet a bit. Growing facial hair requires nutrients. Eating healthy while also eating foods rich in Biotin can greatly help. This means you have the fuel for building more hair.

If push comes to shove, you can go for the nuclear option: shave everything. When you are now clean-shaven, you can start from scratch and decide on a new look for your beard. Now you’ll know you have patchy areas to look out for or have mistakes to avoid.

Solving Your Beard Problems

These three problems are reasons enough why you should use beard oil on a regular basis. Beard oils are effective in helping out in all these three problem beards. Apply it properly and you can deal with the problems easily.

How Much Beard Oil To Use 

Beard oil application is actually pretty liberal. For those who want to make their beards look more lustrous and impressive, you can apply beard oils just after your bath or shower. It’s a great way to start the day since a lot of these oils have a refreshing effect on the skin. They give you that pick-me-up that you need to welcome the beginning of the day.

However, you can also take advantage of their conditioning effects on your beard. If you want a softer, more manageable beard, you’ll want to apply the beard oil just right before sleeping. This gives the oil a chance to seep into your beard and the skin underneath. You can expect softer hair as the overnight treatment takes effect.

Additionally, when you’re still growing your beard, applying beard oil as it grows affects how soft your beard is and how smooth your skin will be.

How Do I Properly Use Beard Oils?

Beard oil application is actually pretty simple. If you’ve ever applied sunscreen, it works on the same motion. Just put the oil on your hands then spread it around your entire beard area. Four to six drops should be enough for you to spread all over your beard. Bigger beards will require more.

Beard oil application is best done twice a day. If your hands remain extra oily after application, then you should spread it around your arms and elbows. Beard oil helps your skin, whether there’s a beard or not.

How Do I Select A Beard Oil?

Now that you know how to use beard oil, you’ll want to know how to pick the right brand of beard oil. The big thing that defines your choice is what purpose you’re buying it for. For example, some brands are really good at moisturizing skin. Some oils are better at shaping your beard and directing their growth. Finally, you’ll want a beard oil that has a scent that you like or you can just get an unscented oil if you prefer.

How Can I Keep My Beard Healthy?

A healthy beard has several components. One of the most important ones is nutrition. Eat well and properly so that your facial hair will have the nutrients it needs to grow. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Biotin is a particular nutrient that works best to improve your hair’s condition.

The other component of healthy facial hair is sleep. Though your facial hair grows all the time, it grows a lot more faster when you are asleep. This is why you should have a regular sleep schedule to encourage growth and so that your beard looks fuller.

Finally, you’ll want to keep your beard clean. Whether it is avoiding food particles in your beard or regularly brushing them, a clean beard is a good sign that it is a healthy one. Cleaning also includes regular trimming to maintain the length of your beard.

How Often Should I Trim?

Trimming and styling your beard are an essential part of beard maintenance. If left alone, your beard will just spread in various directions. Trimming, as well as other things, will need to be done regularly. Long beards attract dirt, also constant growth will ruin your chosen beard style.

Just the Beginning

Knowing the answers to basic questions like how much beard oil to use is a great way to start learning about how to take care of your facial hair. However, these are just the basics. You will have to go beyond them if you really want to make your facial infection concerns to just go away.

Essential Beard Maintenance Products

A beard is a style choice for many men. Most people think that all it takes is to just grow it. However, beards are a lot more extensive in terms of maintenance than people think. Information like knowing what does beard oil do is necessary if you want to look good.

Facial hair is lot coarser, curlier, and more difficult to change than your normal hair. To tame them, you will need regular maintenance to keep it under control. It’s not going to be easy though. To do the proper styling, you will need to have access to the right set of tools. Here are five essential beard maintenance products and how to pick the right ones for your purposes.

1. Combs

Let’s begin with the combs. Facial hair may have some differences when it comes to the hair on your head, but combs can be just as useful. When you want to style your beard, combs are actually essential. Light use can help turn an unruly beard into something that looks nice.

When looking for a good beard comb, try to pick combs that have short and fine teeth. This means being able to quickly untangle any curls that develop in your beard. Depending on the type of beard you have, you can choose a wider comb with bigger teeth and spaces between. This allows you to smooth out a larger area. Combs help a lot by spreading the natural oils across your beard. They also make it easier for styling to be done.

Best Beard Comb
Best Beard Brush

2. Brush

However, for the heavy-lifting with your beard, you’re going to need a brush. A brush has bristles that can reach down to the skin. If you’ve got a thick beard, then a comb is not going to cut through all that hair to style it. A brush is better since the bristles penetrate the beard and can properly untangle individual strands.

One of the best reasons for using a beard brush is that it encourages beard growth in a single direction. When you’re growing your beard, you may notice that your beard hairs are growing in a wild mess of directions. This can be a pain when they have fully grown. However, regular use of a brush can influence the direction of hair growth. Brush down and the hair follicles will align that way.

Another advantages of a brush is that it can be thorough in cleaning up the particles that get caught in the beard. Whether it’s hair tangles, food, skin flakes or more, a brush can be a great way to clean them out.

If you’re in the market for a brush, seriously consider the boar hair bristle brush. This has varying bristle lengths combined with higher bristle density. This ensures that a pass of the brush can be thorough in its cleaning.

3. Trimmer

Besides the cleaning of your beard, you’re also going to need to cut it. A shave would remove it entirely, which is why having a beard trimmer is your best option. There are quite a few types of beard trimmers out there. There are the mechanical trimmers that are more like scissors than anything else and there are the automatic trimmers.

Most men pick up the automatic trimmers. These are more like electric shavers, with attachments that limit the amount of beard that they can cut. For example, you may want to leave some stubble behind. To do that, you can pick out an attachment for that length and apply the trimmer.

There are several factors to consider when buying a trimmer. First, you’ll want to know what beard lengths the trimmer can cut. They can be long, medium, short, and stubble. Second, you may also want to consider the trimmer’s purpose. Is it only for your beard? Will you want it to be used on other parts of your body? Third, think about whether going cordless. Some trimmers are battery-powered and allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas or to trim while in awkward positions. Finally, you will want to think about the additional features being offered by the trimmer.

Best Beard Trimmer
Best Beard Conditioner

4. Beard Conditioner

After the mechanical components of beard maintenance, you will also want to think about the substances that you can apply to your beard. One of them is beard conditioner. The hair on the top of your head accepts conditioners, and your beard hair is no different.

The main thing to know about them is that conditioners deliver nutrients directly to your hair, while also making it a lot softer and manageable. Soft beards are good for you, since the stiffer they are, the more itchy they can get. They also look a lot worse without the right conditioners.

When buying conditioners, you should prioritize those that hydrate your beard. The result is a softer and nicer beard that you will love. Look for those that have natural or organic ingredients since those can be a lot gentler than synthetic options.

Apply conditioners daily in the bath or shower. Lather them into your beard and rinse thoroughly afterward.

5. Beard Oil

Once you’re out of the shower, the next thing to apply is beard oil. What does beard oil do different from a conditioner? Well, our bodies produce natural oils to protect our hair. Adding another layer to that makes the beard look more impressive and fuller. Besides that, it makes your beard shine and more manageable.

Apply beard oil after your bath or shower. Just put some on your hands and rub the oil into your beard. The oil is not just for the beard hair. It can enter your pores and follicles. Some oils have a moisturizing component making the skin beneath your beard more alive and less flaky.

Regular application of beard oil ensures that your beard looks great and that your skin retains its great condition no matter what the environment.

Best Beard Oil

Take Care

Now that you know basics like what does beard oil do then a well-maintained beard can be part of your signature look. To get that, you’re going to need a good beard-grooming kit. Assemble one now to help grow your beard.

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