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DOVO Straight Razors Reviews: Everything You Need to Know About

By Jean Alfonso / November 10, 2018

In recent times, when the whole world is going through digitalization, it is rather nice to see that there is growing interest in shaving the ancient way. A large number of men everywhere around the globe are now reaching for the straight razor. Back in the days, it was quite normal for men to indulge in […]


Are Straight Razors Safe? What You Need To Know!

By Jean Alfonso / July 21, 2018

Are straight razors safe? It sometimes seems ridiculous to even think about this, considering that most barbershops use them over any other razors. But it does beg the question of whether or not they’re safe enough for home use.Straight razors come with their share of benefits and drawbacks, but that doesn’t mean that safety or […]


Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

By Jean Alfonso / November 19, 2017

You might be thinking of switching away from modern cartridges and probably wondering where you should start first. I thought writing a Straight Razor vs Safety Razor article would be really helpful, so here we go.Trends come and go like summertime slot filler TV shows. Maybe this is why men’s grooming is becoming more of […]