Best Nose Trimmers for Men

By Jean Alfonso / March 31, 2017
Best Nose Trimmers for Men

Are you looking for the best nose trimmers for men? You’re not the only one as more and more men recognize the importance of facial grooming. Shaving and trimming your beard and mustache is not enough as you also have to make sure there’s no unsightly hair dangling from your nose.

If there are some visible hairs on your nose, use a nose trimmer. Don’t use just any scissor because they’re not safe and could cut you. Nose trimmers are designed especially for this job, so it’s what you need to use. Of course the question now is, which nose trimmer is right for the job?

Since going through thousands of product reviews is not practical, we have done the work for you. We have gone over the various nose trimmers online and picked out these three as they’re above the rest. It is easy to think of nose trimmers as all being the same, but the truth is they have different features and capabilities.

Best Nose Trimmers For Men in 2017 - Comparison Chart





Best Nose

Trimmers of 2017

Best Nose Trimmers for Men
Best Nose Trimmers for Men
Best Nose Trimmers for Men


Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear & Hair Trimmer

ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow Lighted Trimmer #5546-200


Vortex Immersible Cleaning System to maintain cleanliness

Rotary cutting system. LED light, hypoallergenic blade

Dry or wet, eyebrow guide, ergonomic handle

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The Panasonic ER-GN30-K trimmer is a nose and ears clipper that takes care of eliminating all your unwanted hair in a fast and safe way. You will no longer need to use small scissors and will no longer have to worry about the risk of cutting and hurting yourself. With this model from Panasonic, getting rid of nose hairs becomes a fast, simple and painless task. Not hard to see why this is one of the best nose trimmers for men.


  • The ER-GN30-K has been designed to give you a well-groomed look. This isn’t just a nose trimmer as it’s just as good for trimming hair around your ears. There are a lot of nose trimmers which claim to be ear and beard trimmers, but they don’t produce the results you want. The ER-GN30-K however was built for multi-purpose use.
  • Can be used for trimming beards, mustaches as well as eyebrows. Eyebrow grooming is tricky and often hit or miss, but the ER-GN30-K trimmer is ideal.
  • The trimmer is sensitive enough to be used by men and women, so no need to feel uncomfortable about using this. The idea of putting cutting or trimming tools in your nose can be scary, but there’s no pain or discomfort here.
  • The ER-GN30-K is equipped with a dual blade that has been specially designed for clean and efficient results. These are stainless steel blades, hypoallergenic and rotate for the most accurate results. With these blades you’ll be able to trim hair from the sides to the top.
  • The ER-GN30-K blades are specially aligned so it removes unwanted hair. At the same time it leaves just the right amount of hair in your nose. Nose hair acts as a filter to keep dirt out, so you don’t want to remove all of them. The ER-GN30-K makes sure that doesn’t happen thanks to its unique design.
  • The ER-GN30-K uses a Vortex Immersible Cleaning System to maintain cleanliness. Once you’re done using this, just dip it in water and turn the device on. The rotating blades draw water in, removing hair stubble. Once the cleaning session is over, the rotor and the blades will be more than ready for the next cleaning session.
  • You can use the ER-GN30-K dry or wet, it’s your choice. If you need to do a quick trim, just turn the ER-GN30-K on and it should be ready. If you want to do a total body hair trimming in the shower, the ER-GN30-K works in the shower as well.
  • The blades are sensitive enough to be used for touching up or quick removal of hair. Whether used in wet or dry conditions, the trimmer is safe and comfortable to use with no risk of being cut.
  • The ER-GN30-K needs just one AA alkaline battery to run, and it’s good for 90 minutes. Since nose trimming only takes a few seconds, a single battery is going to last a long time.

Things We Liked

    • The ER-GN30-K does a good job of trimming nose hair
    • You can use the trimmer in dry and wet conditions
    • The trimmer is cordless so you’re not impeded in your movements
    • The blades are hypoallergenic and 100% safe to use
    • Easy to use

Things We Didn't Like

    •  Blades’ springs don't appear too durable but are replaceable 
    • It’s not skin close, but that’s to be expected as this isn’t a facial trimmer


The ER-GN30-K is a versatile trimmer for the nose and ear. It’s easy to use for ear and mustache detailing, and it’s good for eyebrows. The ER-GN30-K is ideal for nose and ear hair trimming, and it’s also as effective for body and facial hair. It’s not going to give you a close shave like a shaver, but for nose and ear trimming this is suitable. Any way you examine the ER-GN30-K, it’s a good choice for grooming.

The ToiletFree trimmer is a stainless steel nose and ears clipper that removed all your unwanted hair quickly. It also has an in-built light which makes it easier to see and it's also perfect for trimming ear hair. So you can kill two birds with one stone!


  • The ToiletTree Nose Trimmer comes with stainless steel blades for smooth and clean cuts. The blades, while sharp, have been specially treated so it’s safe and hygienic.
  • The design is water resistant, ensuing you can use it in the shower without any performance degradation. Some guys like to use their nose trimmer in the shower while others prefer the dry approach over the sink. The choice is yours and either way, the results are the same.
  • The trimmer’s body is constructed of durable steel. Other nose trimmers are made of plastic and won’t last long. Because the ToiletTree nose trimmer is made of steel, it’s built for long term use and won’t break down even with regular use.
  • There is a LED light built into the unit. This might seem like overkill, but it’s a nice feature to have especially if the hair is hard to reach. Even with the light on it can be hard to see that hair, so having a LED light is a nice feature to have. Unlike those on cheap nose trimmers, the light is clear.
  • A lifetime replacement warranty is provided for the product. If there’s a defect with the product, you can get a replacement. This should also give you an idea of its quality and durability. Poorly made nose trimers don’t last, with the blades or other components falling off with just a few uses.
  • The design says a lot about its functionality and dependability. With a nose trimmer you’ll want one that is safe to use, accurate and doesn’t cause any pain. That’s what you get with the ToiletTree Nose Trimmer as it’s able to trim nose without removing the other essential hair your nose needs for protection.
  • The trimmer uses a rotary cutting system, and this makes it easy for hair to get in the ToiletTree Nose Trimmer. Other trimmers only let hair come in at the sides or top, but this trimmer allows for both. You may not be familiar with the technical aspects of how this works, but you’ll feel the difference if you have used other nose trimmers.
  • The unique design of the ToiletTree Nose Trimmer means it’s useful for stray hairs in your nose. It is also suitable for trimming ear hair as well beard and eyebrow trimming. This is the kind of feature you’d expect from a quality nose trimmer.
  • The nose trimmer runs on a single AA battery (not included). The trimmer takes just a few seconds to trim hair so that battery is going to last a long time. Even if you use the trimmer for facial hair, it does a good job of conserving power.
  • The ToiletTree Nose Trimmer is easy to use and should last a while. The top and cap assembly are made of plastic, but it’s of the durable type so it’s good for the long term. Even though the trimmer is light, the material is surprisingly tough and won’t snap under heavy use.

Things We Liked

      • Nose is pulled out painlessly
      • Durable, water resistant design
      • Has a lifetime replacement warranty
      • LED light helps with nose trimming
      • Blades are made of high quality stainless steel

Things We Didn't Like

      • It gets a little hot in your nose
      • One customer said the blade popped out after a few uses


The ToiletTree Nose Trimmer looks good out of the box, and it delivers the goods. Its use of steel makes a huge difference. The steel casing gives the ToiletTree Nose Trimmer a solid feel compared to other cheap nose trimmers, and the water resistant properties simplify cleaning. Throw in the LED light and it’s easy to give this a recommendation.

Are you a professional hairdresser or an individual? The Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow hair trimmer adapts to professional or family use. A finishing trimmer that is in a league of its own; it attracts attention from first sight thanks to its sleek design, cleverly designed, and easy to handle. A unique design that offers great precision. 


  • The Wahl Nose Trimmer comes with two heads. The rotary head is what you will use to trim nose hair and the reciprocating head for your brows and ears. The interchangeable nature of the two provides an extra layer of versatility. Often if you use a nose trimmer for ear or eyebrow trimming it does not work, but the Wahl is an exception.
  • The Wahl Nose Trimmer uses one AA battery (included). Each trimming session shouldn’t take too long so the battery will last a long time.
  • A protective cap and eyebrow guide are included. The eyebrow guide is especially useful as eyebrows can be hard to trim.
  • There is a mini spotlight built into the Wahl Nose Trimmer so you’ll be able to see hair you’d otherwise miss.
  • The dual trimming design means the Wahl Nose Trimmer is more hygienic than other nose trimmers. Using the same trimmer for your nose and ears isn’t recommended so the trimming design is a nice feature.
  • The trimming effect is the same whether it’s used dry or wet. Other trimmers are only effective when used in the shower, but the Wahl trims just fine even if dry. We also have to say the trimmer doesn’t feel any less comfortable to use.
  • You can remove the cutting heads so it’s easier to clean up. No need to mess around the Wahl as you just remove the cleaning heads, wash thoroughly and let them dry. There is no need for costly cleaning solutions either as tap water is enough to clean it.
  • The eyebrow guide goes well with the reciprocating head, making it easy to groom your eyebrows. There aren’t a lot of trimmers that groom eyebrows well, so this certainly helps with styling.
  • The blades are stainless steel, and they’re built for trimming efficiently and painlessly. While the blades are sharp and accurate, there’s no risk of getting cut.
  • The Wahl Nose Trimmer comes with a soft grip ergonomic handle. The on/off switch is also within easy reach so you’ll be more comfortable handling it. If you have to spend a lot of time grooming, a comfortable trimmer is going to be a must. Wahl knows this, which is why it’s a good option.
  • The product is made in China, but it’s solidly constructed and can withstand heavy duty use.
  • If you have had sinus work done or have breathing issues, the Wahl is going to be a big help. The design makes it easy to remove nose hair even if you have never used anything like this before. The Wahl feels solid and doesn’t have the light, plastic feel common with cheaply made nose trimmers.

Things We Liked

        • The LED light helps you trim hard to reach nose hair
        • The trimmer’s interchangeable heads complement each other
        • Easy to clean up
        • Durable design and suitable for men and women
        • Works great in dry and wet conditions

Things We Didn't Like

        • The eye brow clipper is a little loose and could fall off if not handled properly
        • The trimmer does not cut as close as other shavers


The Wahl Nose Trimmer is a well-rounded nose trimmer. It trims hair cleanly and without causing any discomfort. The nose trimmer works great as it is, but the addition of the spotlight really simplifies the hair removal process. Just like any good nose trimmer, the Wahl works great in both wet and dry conditions.

Best Nose Trimmers For Men - Which One Comes Out On Top?

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