From Goatees to Full Beards: Best Beard Styles

By Jean Alfonso / April 23, 2017
From Goatees to Full Beards_ Best Beard Styles

Beards don’t grow on trees. They grow on your chin and face. This means you’re going to have to make a choice on how you want that beard to go. There are a lot of ways you can style it or change it. However, if you really want to get one of the best beard styles out there, here’s a brief guide on some of the best styles.

I’ve arranged them from the least amount of facial hair to the most. Check them out and see what’s going to float your boat.

Top 8 Best Beard Styles

The Five O’Clock Shadow

The look makes people think that you just woke up and didn’t shave. However, to maintain it is a bit more difficult than that. The shaving approach is not always successful so you’ll most likely want to use a beard trimmer to cut down the longer hairs. You’ll also want to shave the neck line so that it looks natural.

You’ll also need to be aware of your facial shape. A round face needs shorter stubble, while sharper faces need a bit longer hair to give it more definition.You should also take note that the stubble can be a bit rough. Kissing your significant other with this look may be uncomfortable at first, but they will get used to it.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Grow A 5 O'clock Shadow

The Goatee

The next step from a five o’clock shadow is to actually grow a beard. The mustache is easy to develop, however, growing the hair around your mouth and chin and styling it that way gets you the goatee. You will need to shave all the other parts of your beard, both in the cheek and the neck. The goatee also needs to be maintained via a trimmer so that it won’t get too wild. 

The key with a goatee is that it’s supposed to be part of an overall look. Short or bald hair would complement it, making people focus around your mouth and nose area. Thin-lipped people will find that it also make theirs look a bit thicker.

Best Beard Styles

The Neat Neck Line

This is now getting into the hairier territory. The main component of it is a clean area around your neck. Shave that place regularly until its clean. Above that, trim your beard a bit. This gives you a look that is a cross between being clean and dirty.

It’s a short beard that’s not quite a beard, not quite a stubble. It shows that you’re paying attention to yourself, while not being that concerned about it. This careless look is actually pretty hard to maintain, but it does have a certain charm.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Trim Your Neckline 

The Rugged Beard

The next step is to let that beard grow a bit. What you’re aiming for with this look is make it look natural. The main piece of equipment you’re using for this is the beard trimmer.

Using the razor is too much for this. This involves a bit of landscaping and styling. The goal is to always look like you’ve been growing the beard for one or two weeks. That can be a bit difficult to get right. However, if you do it correctly, the result is that you’ve got a manly rugged look that fits well on a masculine face.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Maintain A Rugged Beard 

The Trimmed Cheeks

This one is the reverse of the neat neck line. Your focus here is to ensure your cheeks look clean naturally. Try to shave above your cheek line to ensure that you’ve got smooth cheeks. Leave your neck line alone and just shave below your Adam’s apple.

The result is a pretty manly look, but with smoother cheeks, it shows that you’re paying attention to yourself. This is a lot cleaner than just being rugged and works well for professionals. If you’ve got a strong jaw, this style gives it more definition and solidity which is good.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Trim Your Cheek Line 

The Chin Beard

This particular beard style is pretty difficult to maintain, but the goal is to give your chin a more masculine touch. If you’ve got a weak chin, this can cover it up pretty well. The main way to do it is to have a definite cheek line right above your jaw, while the neck line is right to the top.

This will leave facial hair only on your jaw and chin area. They’ll need to be trimmed to the appropriate thickness. Rounder faces need thicker beards to give them that strong look. 

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: Maintaining A Chin Beard

The Long Beard

Sometimes, you just want to hang loose. This is what the long beard is about. The great thing about it is that the longer it gets, the better it looks. Facial hair, like the hair on top of your head, gets a lot fuller when it gets longer.

The result is that as your beard gets longer, it becomes better looking. You’ll want to trim it occasionally so that it doesn’t become a mess, but having a long beard is a legitimate choice for those who want to grow good-looking facial hair.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Maintain A Long Beard

Going Full

This is when you want to go all old-testament. A full beard is as much of a commitment as long hair. You’ll need to shampoo it and apply regular conditioner to moisturize it.

Beard oil is also a good choice to ensure that it looks good. A full beard is pretty rare to find nowadays though and it can give people a mistaken idea of your personality. It will make an impression and for some people that’s enough.

Best Beard Styles

Video Tutorial: How To Maintain A Full Beard

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